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After an argument with his wife - Timur, a family man, and a broker goes to the club to celebrate his birthday. He meets his old friend Radik on the way, but later he realizes that Radik is actually an owner of that club, and perhaps the most influential person in town. Later, when drunk Timur comes out of the club he meets strange looking girls with sea blue eyes, they try to have a conversation with him, but Radik interrupts them and tells Timur that his life is in danger, a drunk Timur follows Radik and they start running from the strange girls. Timur wakes up at home next morning and tries to recall last night, but couldn't. He checks the apartment and realizes that his wife and daughter left him and he missed a very important contract in his life, and just lost his job. After a few unsuccessful attempts to bring his family members back, and knowing that he is in huge debt from now on, Timur decides to commit suicide on a rooftop but he meets her neighbor out there, who might give him some answers in finding himself. Meanwhile, Radik and Strange looking girls fight for his life in town, but each one of them has their own secrets and purposes regarding Timur and his family.

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Feb 14, 2018




Russian, Kazakh

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A Star Film

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