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Set in the future 2070 in the UK inside a VR Reality - Nomad Sky a young woman Flow finds her finds herself entrapped in the world of technology and virtual reality simulations, questioning her current reality. Missing from work for seven days Flow's work best friend Grace sends over some gifts that are the hottest trending currently thinking it will help her snap back into the ways of the virtual world. Flow's boss Taraz Owner of Q.T.N Quantum Tech News meanwhile is on the verge of a breakdown with Flow's disappearing act threatening to terminate Flow's working contract and stopping her crypto wages. Threatening if she doesn't receive her story for the press in 24 hours she's fired. Desperately hoping to forge a deep relationship and connection to keep her connection alive in the Nomad Sky world Flow finds herself romantically entangled with a Dax.5000 a copulation simulation android. Questioning what she actually doing and judging herself too harshly, Flow soon realizes things are not what they appear to be and everything and everyone is connected and consumed by technology. Flow panics and causing an emergency override shut down, ejecting her back into another reality. Dark undertones which also reflect the current climate for human beings all over the world currently - faced with isolation, stuck on inside on technology, Nomad Sky brings uncomfortable, futurist and unspoken truths to light.

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Release Date:

Mar 18, 2021


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Astraeus Production

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Short Film - sifi
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