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Loosely inspired by the director's own struggles with depression, Nice To Meet Me tells the story of Louie, a thirty-something-year-old slacker and boyband has-been from New Jersey. We meet Louie as he quits his 39th job in 10 years. Although his mom is concerned with Louie's lack of direction in life, she is a complete helicopter parent who babies her son and lets him live in her apartment rent-free. Mom eventually reaches a breaking point and abruptly takes a promotion in Philadelphia, leaving Louie in their apartment to fend for himself for the first time. With Mom gone, Louie hits rock bottom. Day after day, Louie becomes more depressed. One night, after walking around aimlessly, he finds himself on the roof of a building. Just as he's about to jump, a simple, "Hello" from Izzy, a wise, easy-going stoner, saves Louie's life. With the help of some new friends and a group of young, talented musicians, Louie is challenged to confront his past and face the music.

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Dec 31, 2022


United States



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Humanity Pride Productions

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