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Three convinced bachelors - a pediatrician Misha, a programmer Anton and a chief editor of a glossy magazine Kirill - are friends from school. They travel together a lot, are content with their lives and not going to let women be part of them. But there happens something unexpected: Misha is invited to participate in a morning show and falls in love with its host Sasha. Misha will not only have to struggle for the heart of Sasha, who has a boyfriend, but also hide his affair from his friends. Eventually, the secret comes to light and poses a threat to the old friendship. A convinced misogynist Anton is sure that love does not exist and persuades Sasha to refuse Misha not to spoil his life. In return, Sasha offers him a deal: if a handsome playboy Kirill falls in love in a month, Anton will have to admit he was wrong and shave his beard, which he values a lot. Anton agrees without thinking. Sasha introduces him to her friend, a self-sufficient beauty Nastya. However, Sasha's fitness coach Verochka, who passionately dreams of getting married, enters the game.

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Mar 31, 2018





Production Companies:

UPS Ukrainian Production Studio

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MG Ukraine (Russia)
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