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Together with her classmates the 18-year-old Siv is on the traditional carriage ride, celebrating that they have just graduated high school. This day should be the best day in her entire youth, but for Siv it is all about getting through the day without having her world tumble down. Siv lives alone with her loving, but unpredictable mother Pia, who suffers from serious alcohol abuse. Because of this, Siv is dreading to have her classmates come to her home for the first time in three years, but Pia has promised to welcome the class with open arms and to stay sober. When the class arrives at Siv's home, her fears become reality. The house is empty house. When Pia shows up, it is the beginning of a long series of unpredictable and transgressive events, where Siv must fight to maintain not only her own dignity, but also her mother's, in front of the entire class. This day becomes the most important in Siv's life - for the better and the worse.

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Jan 11, 2018





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Meta Film

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