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More than 2.000 years ago, Narbonne in today's Département Aude was the capital of a huge Roman province in Southern Gaul - Gallia Narbonensis. It was the second most important Roman port in the western Mediterranean and the town was one of the most important commercial hubs between the colonies and the Roman Empire, thus the town could boast a size rivaling that of the city that had established it: Rome itself. Paradoxically, the town that distinguished itself for its impressive architecture, today shows no more signs of it: neither temples, arenas, nor theaters. Far less significant Roman towns like Nîmes or Arles are full of ancient sites. Narbonne today is a tranquil town in Occitania. For the past 20 years, archaeological excavations have been unearthing what once constituted the importance of Narbo Martius: The excavations have brought to light the remains of a monumental Capitol, an amphitheater and of subterranean storerooms. In 2019, a large Roman necropolis of 1.500 graves was discovered at the outskirts of Narbonne. The history of the inhabitants of Narbo Martius is narrated in light of these spectacular finds. The inhabitants' origins, customs and way of life are reconstructed. Further excavations unearthed living quarters, ancient streets, wine-growing estates, docks and even a huge and extravagant villa of 2.500 square meters. Narbo Martius was Rome's first colony in Gaul and became a town of first rank importance when Cesar's legions arrived. Later, on account of Emperor Augustus' order, it was made the capital of the region: as "Rome's eldest daughter", or as second Rome, the town exercised its immense influence on the Mediterranean region for more than 300 years.

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Jun 12, 2021





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Arte France - Unité Documentaires, MC4, Inrap
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