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Antee meanders through the lush green mountains and thick green forest. A few villages scattered on the river's banks. A group of people from a village: Anagha, her mother, Guruji, Bhau, Prakash, Tukaram, Mangesh and a few others. They do not want to take up conventional jobs. They are trying to earn their livelihood through farming, agriculture- allied- businesses. They have realized that, efforts involving Antee, is the only way to become truly self sufficient. Appa Naik is another important person in the village. He is strongly active in local politics, but he has inclination towards glossy, glittery life in a city. He wants his son, Akash to get settled in a city. One day they find out that Antee is going to be blocked and a huge tourism project is planned. The discussion in the meeting about the same yields nothing but endless and futile arguments. Our group realizes that in order to keep Antee flowing, they need to utilize Antee waters more by expanding their work and also involving more people to connect with Antee. Owing to harsh realities of agriculture, not many people join them in their efforts. The village politics gets creepier by the day. Simultaneously, construction work for 'the project' commences at full speed. Pressure starts to build. They face a strong and increasing political and social hostility from the village, but their energy is undefeated. The future is unknown, efforts are inevitable. Their quest continues. This film brings together many narratives that arise from a quest like this. This is not the complete story. It is a small part, of a long journey.

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Sep 22, 2017





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Sahaj Film Private Limited

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