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Lakshmi discovers her son Varun is gay, the fact that she could never accept, changes her whole life upside down. While Varun goes out and finds his love Karthik, his life isn't as happy as in the past. There comes a day, Lakshmi decides to find her lost son, will they ever meet again? Through Varun's eyes we learn what it is to be a homosexual. How hard it is to understand being a homosexual and how it affects the person psychologically. What difficulties they face in leading a normal life with the society and what hard times they face in being accepted by their families. Lakshmi, Head Mistress of a school and her son Varun are under emotional chaos that questions people's common mind set, belief, trust, overcoming the social stigma, psychological acceptance of a person in leading a guilt free life.

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May 18, 2022





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Beyond The Limit Creations, Select Media Holdings- Moving Pictures

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