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His marriage is on the rocks as he lives with constant criticism about his lack of ambition and unassuming character from his wife, Farah, yet his nightmare is just about to begin. Whilst getting ready in the bathroom, one of his teeth falls out.Then on the school run, Malek, his teenage son, insults him with scathing remarks. Next his work day begins with his instant dismissal : he will never again present the news on the radio. He seeks calm by shutting himself at home where he falls asleep. On waking he notes with dismay that there is blood in his urine but no time to angst as he must rush to pick up Malek to take him to his after school classes. He then suddenly runs out of fuel and has to abandon his car in search of petrol. On his return he discovers that his car is missing: it is about to be impounded . He tries in vain to bribe municipal officials, exasperated in the face of adversity, he attempts one last gesture of rebellion and locks himself in the car only to be towed away to the pound. Meanwhile onlookers film the scene and immediately post events on social media unknown to Mustafa. This triggers a chain reaction that foreshadows the expectations and the mindset of Tunisians at the dawn of the presidential elections. The night ahead unfurls just as unexpectedly as the day had for Mustafa . His absurd misadventure turns him into a reluctant hero, a tiny grain of sand in the increasingly fragile democratic Tunisian cog. Little by little he regains his dignity and self-esteem and who knows perhaps the start of a new life.

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Feb 28, 2018





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South by South West Films
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