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Maussane, at the very heart of the French region of Provence, with its olive trees and its charming squares. Deputy prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and local police commander Paul Jansac are investigating the murder of Caroline Autiero, wife of an old mill-owner. Working together, Elisabeth and Paul lift the veil on a dark and secret story. Soon, three heirs of olive-grower Virgile Vendroux are dead, one from suicide, another murdered and the third in an accident where the motorbike turns out to have been tampered with. Anonymous letters provide new leads to follow, but raise questions: who is helping the investigators? And who was manipulating the victims? Is it Laetitia Vendroux, a beautiful beekeeper and Virgile's daughter? Or her brother Mathias, watchman at the Glanum archaeological site? Or Virgile's ex-wife, Mathilde? The truth could be even more complex. Virgile has led a double life, with another family and another son, who isn't his own but whom he loves as such. Now an adult, this secret son moves to Maussane and meets Laetitia. But, more importantly, he is on a mission to avenge Virgile. Our investigators must unravel complicated family affairs and vested interests to solve the mystery. Psychological know-how will be as necessary as regular policing methods.

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Release Date:

Nov 11, 2017





Production Companies:

Paradis Films, BE-FILMS, Radio Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF)
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