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On November 26, 1960 a young couple, Larry Peyton and Beverly Allen, were out on a date in the city of Portland. They ultimately drove to what is now a fire lane/path in the city's massive Forest Park, but then was regarded as a makeshift lover's lane. Some time in the night, which they were there, Larry was brutally murdered while Beverly was seemingly taken from the vehicle. Her body would be discovered many miles away along the highway heading to the Oregon coast. Years later three young men, with whom Larry had reportedly had a run-in with were tried, but nobody really believed they were the killers. Despite a prosecution then, this case is still, to this day, regarded as an unsolved murder. In this documentary, broken into three parts, filmmaker Stephen Poole tells the story of the case surrounding the Peyton/Allen murder before then giving his take on what he feels happened that night and ultimately ending the film by making the trek to the site where the murder happened. This feature length documentary was produced for Poole's YouTube channel under the name "Steve the Amateur Historian"

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Mar 31, 2018


United States



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Silly Sister Pictures
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