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A controlling maid of honor is tasked with planning her best friend's wedding with an easy going best man she abandoned on a date some time back. We open up with Luyanda at her doctor's appointment. She's doing another artificial insemination after receiving news that the previous one was unsuccessful, again. This is her fourth one and the doctor starts recommending other alternatives for her to have a child. They have had 3 unsuccessful attempts so far, this being the fourth attempt - the odds of conceiving a child this way for Luyanda have significantly decreased. However, Luyanda is determined to have a biological baby. She argues and starts venting that she is supposed to married by now, she's supposed to have children, her biological clock is ticking. Since she can't control how disappointing men are, she can control how she brings her own child into her world, and she wants her own flesh and blood. She will not let a few unsuccessful treatments get in the way of that - the fourth time may be exactly the breakthrough they have been fighting for. After the treatment is done, Luyanda gets into her car and has a quiet moment where the weight of the world is on her shoulders. She says a prayer - she really wants this baby. She then receives a call from Zinhle, her best friend. Luyanda is the maid of honor for Zinhle's wedding. Zinhle is freaking out because the tents, blankets and clothes haven't arrived for umembeso. Luyanda makes phone calls and fixes the problem like a pro - she's totally in her element, she's got everything under control planning this wedding.

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Aug 18, 2021


South Africa



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Zethu's Tales
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