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The story of Mort takes place in modern day suburbs. Mort spends his days routinely getting his mail and moving people on to the next life. Not only are his days repetitive, but also completely lacking in any form of human interaction. No one takes notice of Mort because no one really knows how close to death they are. Despite his love for humanity, relationship, and life in general, Mort is cursed with the touch of death, unable to even pet a dog without taking the life right out of it. Desperation to create causes Mort to find solace in an old rundown theater, where he plays a waltz of his own design. Music is the one thing he is able to create and not destroy. Music is also what brings the one person who might have the power to overcome his curse to his doorstep.

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Release Date:

Dec 10, 2017


United States



Production Companies:

Biola University, Radicalis Productions
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