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Once upon a time it was a girl from the north of Europe who was very curious about life. Her name was Moonlin. She danced along the fields and forests on a mission of learning. She skipped and danced her way to the city, visiting palaces and museums. She studied about classic art and music, and even started to take piano lessons. It was tricky, to say the least. Her piano teacher told her to make the music come alive.. But how can non-physical things like music come alive? Was everything alive? Again and again she tried - until something strange happened. The themes of the music she played began to manifest itself in the real world. Intrigued by what she saw, she continued her journey. She had taken the first step towards a bigger reality, and she was eager to take another one. She traveled across the cultural hot spots of Europe, from Stockholm to Copenhagen, Amsterdam and finally Vienna. And in each place, she learned a little more. But now, the art itself was her teacher, little by little waking up and helping her on the way. After a visit to Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, all the pieces finally came together. At twilight, Moonlin had a mystical experience which was truly out of this world - And when next morning came, she was at peace with herself. Her mission was complete.

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May 08, 2021





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Starlife Group

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