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Molly is struggling as a waitress while she tries to get a job in marketing. Any job that doesn't involve working for her father who owns a big marketing firm. One day one of the regulars at the cafe, the attractive Aiden, overhears that Molly can't afford to redeem her car from the workshop. He tries to give her a large tip, but Molly is too proud to accept it even though her friend at the cafe, Cameron, say that she should. Aiden don't give up and checks out her car from the garage instead. Slowly they get to know each other even though, to complicate things, Aiden is best friend with the guy that is contemplating hiring Molly for a marketing job and Molly is eager to get the job on her own merits.

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Release Date:

Nov 20, 2021


Canada, United States



Production Companies:

Breakthrough Entertainment, Vast Entertainment, 5'7 Films
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