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In a sumptuous traditional Chinese hotel, an impressive wedding is about to take place. Mrs Song has finally managed to find a good match for her daughter Zhen-Zhen: the heir of the rich Zhang family. Always keen to be on the cutting edge of - everything, Mrs Song hires human-like androids to be a part of the wedding party (courtesy of Mrs. Zhang's wallet). In the role of lead bridesmaid, Mrs. Song hires a beta model android: Ah-Hui, the newest generation female android. Delighted with their new distraction, Mrs. Song, and later, Mrs. Zhang, blithely play around with Ah-hui's settings, unaware of the changes happening within Ah-hui's nascent mind.

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Release Date:

Jan 21, 2019


France, Taiwan



Production Companies:

Digital Rise, Serendipity Films, DVgroup

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