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Mariana (12) is talking with the school psychologist. He tries to understand the reason for her bad behavior in class. Mariana doesn't want to answer his questions, showing some fear. During the conversation, Mariana confesses that she does not believe that those who live in her house are her real parents. That night Mariana decides to investigate what happens, takes a flashlight and walks through the dark corridors of her house to find her parents' room. When she looks inside, she discovers that at night they have a different face that does not resemble the human face. Mariana runs scared to the bathroom, gets her face wet and looks in the mirror as she begins to investigate her face - She inspects it carefully until she feels there is a small line on it. She begins to pull its edge gently until a thin grip, like supplementary skin, begins to come off.

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Release Date:

Oct 17, 2019





Production Companies:

Fundación Universidad del Cine (FUC)
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