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Having saved Earth from the zombie apocalypse, our heroes, Stan, the Kid and Sock Dog journey through space searching for beings in distress. They are secretly pursued by Stan's obsessive ex-girlfriend/undead rock star Lydia, and mad scientist Jartek. Stan discovers an alternate Earth dimension ruled by cosmetics company Gomora and its ruthless fashion mogul/CEO Banana Winters, who has enslaved humanity by lacing Gomora's cosmetics with antidepressants and opioids. Gomora has created a vast underground prison dedicated to animal testing, but little does Winters know that, in the underworld prison beneath her feet, a subculture of revolutionary drag queen rabbits and animal-testing survivors is forming, and they are angry. Stan and company come to the rescue, but are soon captured and forced to endure tortuous makeovers. Lydia and Jartek arrive in pursuit, but Lydia quickly becomes sidetracked by her own fashion agenda. Our heroes are cast into the catacombs of the testing facility with the test animals, and Stan forms a wild plan to overthrow Winters' brutal cosmetics/lifestyle regime. Can the Kid's mutant blood somehow save them? Who will survive the revolution? Does this machete go with these pumps? Tune in and find out in The Love That Would Not Die: Mary K Pop.

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Release Date:

Jan 05, 2020


United States



Production Companies:

The Human Beast Box

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