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Someone is going around killing Uber Cab Drivers and FBI Agent Marty has been sent undercover to track them down, posing as a driver for hire in his home town. Old wounds reopen in this place of lost love and hate, creeping up on him as those faces of the past reemerge, while always knowing that the killer is out there. He or she could be one of many people, including Mob Boss and Cab Owner George Lively (Marty's old boss), or it could be the new, ridiculous and mysterious hitman Knick, or maybe it's the elusive femme fatale. - The list of suspects gets longer as the day wears on. One thing is certain, Marty wants his out of this town so that his life can go back to normal. The only way to do that, is to track and snare The Cabby Killer.

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Release Date:

Jul 13, 2018


United States



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Mwb3 Problems
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