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Named "Neuf", after her position in her mother's litter, a little mixed-breed dog with a big heart and a cute, heart-shaped nose recounts the memory-laden story of her life after a terrible hit-and-run accident. Indeed, up to now, she has been through a lot: people have adopted her, some have sold her, others have changed her name, and all of them, have abandoned her on the street again and again. But, now that life has come full circle, and she is back where she has started, all alone, the intense but short-lived moments of her ephemeral happiness are her only comfort. And in a life full of highs and lows; pain and joy; companionship and loneliness, love is all that matters.

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Release Date:

Jun 12, 2020


France, Romania, Belgium


Romanian, French

Production Companies:

Aparte Film, Minds Meet, Sacrebleu Productions

Official Site:

Aparte Film (Romania)

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