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In 1952, Jazz Legend Ray Anthony threw a party for Marilyn Monroe. Over 50 press publications were invited resulting in some of the most famous photographs ever taken of Marilyn. 60 years later many of these amazing color photographs surfaced for the first time. Along with remastered 16mm color footage of the party, Marilyn and I captures a piece of Americana with Ray Anthony as its hero encompassing some 80 years of his life. At 18, Ray Anthony was playing trumpet in the Glenn Miller Band. In his 90's he is best friends with Hugh Hefner and regularly plays tennis with Berry Gordy (who gives a rare interview in this film). His is the story of America with some of its most legendary icons front and center. With a soundtrack that incorporates Ray's incredible Big Band career, Marilyn and I is a celebration of 20th century American culture and an ode to an artist that deserves his rightful place among the greats of his time.

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Jan 20, 2019


United States



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The Sugar Factory

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