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May 5, 1864, the Civil War, Battle of the Wilderness, Northern Virginia. War-hardened Confederate soldier, Samuel Barnett and a group of soldiers lay low and waiting for the inevitable - Bullets and Bayonets with the Army of the Potomac. Just as all hell is about to break loose, Samuel spots, Jeremiah a ten-year-old slave boy wandering through the woods right into the killing zone. As the battle erupts, Samuel makes the fateful decision to charge through the hell-fire and saves Jeremiah from the wrath of war. Coming face-to-face with death, Samuel soon starts to question his war torn life, Confederate philosophies and the meaning behind his instincts to save a black child's life. Dazed and confused, Samuel reluctantly takes on a journey home with Jeremiah through a parallel wilderness. As the two struggle with friendship, Jeremiah's guiding ways seems to connect him with the eccentric characters who come out of the woods, who challenge Samuel's inner hatred and war-scared soul and keep him connected to home through a collection of letters. Through the purity of Jeremiah's spirit, close encounters with life-changing characters and the haunting ethereal wilderness, Samuel is able to find his way back home, only to realize that Jeremiah is the guiding light of his destiny.

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Dec 31, 2022


United States



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New Film Group

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