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Madeleine Hatz, A Royal Vagabond, an experimental documentary about artist Madeleine Hatz is a film prose poem: a portrait built from juxtaposed images and recurring visual elements, dispensing with conventions of plot, narrative, and chronology. The film is structured by pendular rhythms: country and city life, vita contemplativa and vita activa, dream and waking life, professional and private life. Inner and outer worlds alternate: daily rituals, insights, dreams, and acts of painting all intermix and nourish one another. This alternating structure is precisely apropos for the film's subject: Madeleine Hatz is one of few contemporary artists who practices in two radically different modes, as both a solitary studio artist and a socially engaged performance artist.

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Release Date:

Dec 11, 2019


United States, Sweden, Serbia


English, Swedish

Production Companies:

610Film, Cinnamon Films, M.A.M.M.A Production

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