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In Seattle, Amanda owns and operates Made for You, with Love, where she designs custom made wedding dresses starting from second hand dresses, thus giving her customers designer dresses at a fraction of the cost. A one person show with the exception of volunteer time from her best friend Allie when Allie isn't at her day job, the business is a passion project at which Amanda makes little money, that aspect which isn't important as some life curves, including a failed engagement, made her focus on what makes her happy. That failed engagement has made her man-shy, she, if she was looking, would want someone reliable and predictable with good communication skills, those missing aspects in her ex-fiancé which she felt were the downfalls of that relationship. Allie encourages her to start dating again, and she does end up following-up with Keith, a lawyer she met at one of her client's wedding, he who she learns ticks off all the boxes. At the same wedding, who she doesn't click with is James, the photographer. So when out of circumstance James asks her to be the subject of a feature article for Weddings Refined Magazine, a permanent job on staff on the line for him, she initially declines. But partly due to her tight financial situation getting even tighter with a rent increase on her storefront property, she agrees on one caveat regarding what James is required to do in addition to taking the photographs. Much like Amanda, James, a former wildlife photographer who is cynical about the entire wedding business, got to his current stage in life in part by some relationship woes in the form of a divorce from a fellow wedding photographer, the two of them who decided when they were married to be in the business together. In spending time together, Amanda and James start to fall for each other. The questions become whether they can see it, whether they can mix their business arrangement with a personal relationship, whether Amanda can get past the issue of Keith who, on paper, is the man for who she is looking despite there being no spark, and whether her mounting financial problems will take her focus away from James.

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Release Date:

Feb 07, 2021


Canada, United States


English, French

Production Companies:

Reel One Entertainment, ROP Productions
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