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Hannah McElroy is the host of Los Angeles based Love in Design, a nationally broadcast home renovation show, where she completes one home renovation per episode. Hannah's design style is modern, she seeing it as not having any design boundaries to whatever the possibilities for a space. Despite strong albeit slightly declining ratings after four years, Wally, the head of the network, wants to try a different format, where Hannah will do a more extensive renovation over several episodes, the first taking Hannah back to her small New England home town of Lewisburg to renovate the historic Lewisburg Manor, the owner, Margot, wanting to convert it into a bed and breakfast. Hannah would have five weeks to complete the renovation, Margot wanting a specific completion date to reopen for the manor's sesquicentennial. Despite this renovation not being up Hannah's alley being a historic building, she has no other option but to agree to appease Wally and the network. Also hired for this renovation by the town's historic preservation society is architect Jeff Winslow, a native Lewisburghian recently returned to town, to oversee that no contraventions to the building code occur, Jeff who will adhere strictly to code in not liking change. Neither Hannah or Jeff know about the other working on the project which may be a problem as they used to be romantically involved, they breaking up primarily on Hannah spreading her wings in moving to Los Angeles. What makes the situation worse for them is that Wally can see the potentially explosive fireworks between the two of them to make Jeff an on screen personality to exploit their chemistry. Regardless of the difference in their design styles, those differences which led to problems in their relationship, they both realize that they have unresolved feelings for each other. They have to figure out if there is a future for them a second time around, which would mean one and/or the other bending on their strictly held perceptions of life.

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Release Date:

Sep 12, 2018


United States



Production Companies:

Hallmark Channel, Crown Media Productions, Cartel Pictures
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