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Buenos Aires, 1967. The Knacks are one of the pioneers of the beat garage genre in Argentina. They record their first LP, but before they release it, the Onganía dictatorship bans local artists who sing in English. The album is left in the archives of the record company, and they, disappointed, decide to break up. Buenos Aires, 2011. Although the history of rock completely forgot them, those songs are bootlegged, they cross the borders, they become a cult band in Europe, and the mystery begins to surround the band. Who were they? What happened to their lives? Motivated by this, The Knacks, already old men, come back convinced that this time they will finally have the recognition they deserve. But times have changed, and the music industry is very different. In spite of everything, they will walk a long and winding road of eight years to recover the lost glory, full of expectations and dreams.

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Nov 07, 2019




Spanish, English

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