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A nursing temp named Lisa is hired to care for an elderly woman who suffers from locked-in syndrome, a rare condition which has left the poor woman completely paralyzed aside from the ability to move her eyes. The woman's son Larry explains these circumstances to Lisa before he leaves for the evening, assuring her that "Mother" will be quite easy to attend to, given her state. At first, this appears to be true, but as the evening progresses, strange events occur that suggest Mother may not be as helpless as her son lets on. This culminates in the appearance of a swaying, hunched figure in the backyard. As Lisa approaches, she sees that the figure looks just like Mother. It chases her into the house, and she barricades herself in Mother's bedroom, only to discover - Mother, still in bed, unmoving. Lisa begins to question how locked-in Mother really is.

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Release Date:

Sep 01, 2022


United States



Production Companies:

Operative 16 Entertainment, Red Ocean Pictures
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