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Limbs is a young puppeteer working on Mayor Bobby, a Sesame Street-esque TV show for adults. She loves her job. She doesn't have a single line on the show but mouths along with every lyric of every song. Her crew is "her family" - except they routinely forget that she exists while she's crammed in the armpit of some other puppeteer, waving around a hand on a metal rod. The closest she gets to meaningful conversation is with an exterminator that comes to lay traps for the mice infesting her tiny apartment. As she's rehearsing for the series finale, she finds out mid musical number that she hasn't been invited to work on the spinoff show next season. Her chosen family has chosen to move on without her. Limbs' pit in the stomach feeling of loneliness becomes an emotional and explosive tour de force of answer seeking.

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Aug 11, 2019





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School of Image Arts, Ryerson University

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