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Eve awakes in an unstaffed medical facility, awaiting diagnosis for a mystery illness. With no recollection of how, why or when she was admitted, she joins a group of outcast patients, who are attempting to recall what takes place during treatment inside a terrifying room known as the hole - a psychoactive space where testing takes place and encoded instructions are administered that each patient must follow if they wish to heal. They cannot leave the locked down facility, for fear of what their sickness will unleash upon their families and the world beyond. As Eve learns more about the patients, she begins to remember the terrible events that led to her sickness. Eve's husband and son are missing and her journal holds the key to finding them. She writes in an attempt to recall why she was admitted to the facility. An alien world at the edge of her dreams begins to bleed through, compelling her to write the transmissions down. Soon, these visions will consume her. Is she a prisoner, a patient - or dead?

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Release Date:

Jul 03, 2021


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

FoolishPeople, GHRL

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