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Liger is an MMA fighter who trains hard and rises up the ranks with one goal in mind - to fight like his idol, world renowned MMA fighter Mark Anderson and get noticed by him. In this journey of becoming an MMA fighter, he falls in love with an aspiring model, Taniya. Despite falling deeply in love, an unexpected turn of events leads Taniya to spurn his love and move to the USA to pursue her career. Jilted lover Liger then focuses all his energies on MMA fighting to get over Taniya's rejection and consequently wins the National Championship. But does fate have a reunion in store for these star crossed lovers and will Liger ever fulfill his dream of meeting his idol, Mark Anderson? This unique blend of determination, dreams, relationships, action and love forms the crux of this highly entertaining, adrenaline rush filled action romance called Liger.

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Release Date:

Aug 25, 2022




Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada

Production Companies:

Bollywood Hollywood Production, Dharma Productions, Puri Connects

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