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When a mother unexpectedly abandons her family on Christmas Day for a new life with another man, the remaining Blignauts instantly come apart at the seams and Dad (Herman) jumps off the roof. Nonnie, a teenage beauty queen (the prize money is good) is left to clean up the mess her mother left behind. With her depressed father hiding in his bedroom for three months, Nonnie is forced to become the parent in the house, especially for her kid brother Hugo's sake. One morning, helping her family get back on their feet becomes a bit harder when Herman makes an announcement. With shocked faces, Nonnie and Hugo listen to their father explain how and why he is who he is now: Father Christmas--"It's a calling!" Dressed in a Santa costume, Herman is very excited. Nonnie isn't. Her father has finally lost his mind. She should have run away when she had the chance. Too late. With a judgmental town snapping at her heels and a crumbling family on her back, Nonnie navigates adolescence, romance, and the painful transition into adulthood.

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Release Date:

Nov 17, 2017


South Africa



Production Companies:

Faith in Motion Productions, Figure One Films

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