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Failing to prove the urban legend of Mbak Rohanna's ghost at Virgin Bridge, Yogyakarta means that Zein (Endi Arfian) must propose other haunted places to Kinan (Carrisa Perruset) to make content on their YouTube channel. Pasha (Omara Esteghlal), a student from their college, carries out a gruesome action in the middle of the city of Yogyakarta and claims to get a letter from Death that threatens that if Pasha doesn't do what the letter orders, Death will pick him up. From that letter, Kinan and Zein investigate Gama Plaza, an old building that former college student Darius (Jerome Kurnia) used as a suicide site years before. When they begin the investigation, the next letter arrives to another college student; this time it takes a life. Kinan believes that this is a premeditated murder, but Zein argues that everything that happens is related to the spirit of Darius.

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Jan 09, 2020





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Max Pictures
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