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Alice Martin (Katie Harbridge) has recently secured a job at the Swope Art Gallery. Running from a troubled past, Alice finally feels secure and content in her new environment. Unaware that someone, or something, is watching her every move, Alice notices that patrons to the gallery begin disappearing. Finally, Alice herself is taken to an old mental asylum where she comes face to face with the gallery stalker, Demoniac (C.A. McGregor), an ages-old evil hell bent on destroying the world, with Alice at his side. A secret organization that specializes in hunting demonic forces, "the watchers," begins to track Demoniac's whereabouts. Watcher Vernon Coyle (Mark Dessauer) is assigned to this case, and with the help of Dr. Rowland Michaels (Jim O'Rear) manages to find Demoniac's location. But will he be able to stop him before Alice becomes one of the undead?

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Release Date:

Jan 28, 2018


United States



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Moonlight Films

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