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"Feelings always suck." Lower-Bavarian village police officer Franz Eberhofer internalized this deeply-felt wisdom long ago. That is why he suffers only moderately when his girlfriend Susi distances herself. Even in the event of the neighboring Mooshammerhof burns down, Eberhofer does not break out into unrest. Even the fact that an attractive woman from Munich was killed in the fire does not irritate Franz. What really throws him off balance is that the doctor attests that his lifestyle is hazardous to his health and puts him on a strict diet: lots of vegetables, and no more red meat--certainly no more meatloaf. Tough conditions for the following murder investigation, which involves a new hotel or jealousy. Suspicious figures include Ms. Grimm, the victim's mother, a gay couple, and local soccer god Buengo. Unfortunately, Susi tasked Eberhofer with looking after their toddler Pauli for a while, which hinders police work. Worse, self-appointed private detective Rudi Birkenberger rushes to the rescue to advise on nutrition, education, and investigation without being asked. Can Franz get through this whole dilemma without those strengthening liver meat rolls?

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Aug 01, 2019





Production Companies:

Constantin Film, ARD Degeto Film, Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)

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