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Keyo, a down-and-out artist, is fascinated by a drunk, beautiful stranger named Abby whom he meets at a bar. However, after a good exchange of few conversations, they get interrupted because Keyo needs to perform as part of the line up of a gig. After Keyo's performance, there was no longer any trace of Abby but a journal and a stick of cigarette which she incidentally left at their table. Keyo tries to look for her around but didn't find her. Out of curiosity and interest, Keyo goes through the pages and discovers that it is a journal of suicide notes. He surprisingly learns that Abby has a depression, even as charming as she may seem, and that she is already on the third day of her seven-day journey of committing suicide, fulfilling one (1) goal each day before she finally gets to rest. Keyo follows the trails of Abby through the notes and continues writing for the remaining four days, hoping to find her.

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Release Date:

Nov 16, 2019





Production Companies:

Isang Sining Productions, Film School Manila, Gowld Proad