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Lachlan, a 12-year-old soccer player, watches funny-dog videos on his phone after school in the park. His friend, Will, kicks a soccer ball with frustration and it slams into the wall next to Lachlan's head. He's so engrossed in the dog videos he doesn't even flinch. Will smashes more shots dangerously close to Lachlan but fails to distract him from his phone. Will ambles away dejectedly to see a Susan, a mature lady, walking a dog and asks if he can play with him. Susan gives Will a frisbee and he tosses it high into the air. Will and the dog gleefully chase the frisbee about. Lachlan rouses from his video binge to see an empty park with no sign of Will. He stares forlornly at the soccer ball abandoned, alone, in the grass. His eyes well-up as he stares towards his phone. Seemingly out of nowhere, Lachlan sees Will and the dog run up to the soccer ball and kick and chase it madly. Lachlan eyes the next funny dog video on his phone. It's a good one. He hesitates, then tosses the phone roughly on his bag and tears after them. The threesome shout out boisterously as they happily scamper across the park with the ball. Susan calls the dog back and looks on contentedly as the boys pass the ball between them - wild and free.

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Sep 05, 2021





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Golden Smile Media
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