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Berlin pensioner Paul Krüger looks forward to lead his fatherless-raised pregnant granddaughter Annie to the altar, but Turkish groom Denis's sugar uncle insists due to Anatolian family honor tradition on the presence of her biological father Harald, whom her mother Susanne never even told about their child having broken up. Knowing only Harald moved to Greece, Krüger takes his pétanque (bowling) pub buddies Ecki and Bernd along to Hellas, a country they know nor trust. Equipped only with an old photograph, they find themselves on the wrong island, upsetting the wrong shopkeeper's family. Having crossed to the right one, they wander into a tempting German free sex commune, before even learning Harald is now an orthodox monk in a monastery, which observes lent silence, albeit without fasting. The clergyman won't consider returning until Paul calls in unenthusiastic help, and even then the monk isn't on their plane back.

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Release Date:

Jan 05, 2018





Production Companies:

Green Olive Films, ARD Degeto Film, Provobis Gesellschaft für Film und Fernsehen
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