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In the town of Seaside, music teacher Hannah Adams, a hometown girl, will get a new neighbor when the McQueens sell their house down the beach, Mrs. McQueen - Margaret - who was Hannah's piano teacher and who imparted that love of music on Hannah. It isn't until the new owners move in that Hannah discovers they are the McQueens' widowed son, woodworker Gavin McQueen, and his adolescent daughter, Parker McQueen, the move back to Seaside following Gavin's wife's death to be closer to family. The move coincides with the town's imminent kite festival, Hannah who became champion following Gavin's move away. As the McQueens and Hannah prepare for the festival to see who between Hannah or Gavin will emerge victorious, they help each other with an issue in their respective lives, Hannah to give Parker music lessons, during which Parker not only bonds with her new music teacher but with Hannah's pet dog, Rusty, and Gavin to build a custom table from reclaimed wood for Hannah's sister and brother-in-law, restaurateurs Shirley and Brian, for their tenth wedding anniversary which falls on the day of the festival. While Hannah has never actively sought out romance, she can admit that she is falling for the whole package that is Gavin, which includes Parker, and believes the feeling mutual from both Gavin and Parker. However, she may be misreading the signs, especially as Gavin's aggressive high school sweetheart, lawyer Katie Longhorn, is back in his life implying that she is his girlfriend.

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Mar 05, 2022





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Johnson Production Group
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