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Kilimanjaro mountain guide Simon has already experienced a lot, but he has never been entrusted with a group in which everyone thinks only of themselves: doctor Anna, the paraplegic ex-athlete Tom, the untrained teacher Joschka and his 25-year-old daughter Paula. They all have only one goal: they want to get to the top. Anna finds it irresponsible that Tom is in her group and that he is endangering his health and the safety of the group. She herself hopes that the hike will provide clarity about an important decision. Joschka wants to prove to his daughter Paula that he is there for her. But she has to give him a second chance to do this. It is only with difficulty that Simon and his partner Joseph manage to convince the individualists to set out on this five-day hike together. On the way it becomes clear why the 6000 meter high Kibo is not so easy to conquer: Primeval forest, stone deserts and snow fields make the ascent difficult; wild animals, thin air and the treacherous altitude sickness are even life-threatening. The goal, the snow-covered Kilimanjaro, always in sight, nobody wants to give up, because there is a lot at stake for everyone. Only when everything seems to conspire against the group do the four lone fighters learn that they can only make it to the summit together.

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Nov 17, 2017





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Ariane Krampe Filmproduktion