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The presidential palace of a war torn country falls to insurgent forces. The president flees, escorted by his PM and four guards. They advise the president to go abroad but the president refuses to leave his people behind. He wants to reach loyal troops that are rumored to wait for him in the remote village of Khibula. The journey is difficult: on foot through mountainous terrain and freezing cold. Unseen enemy forces are chasing the president, remaining unseen and unheard but making sure the president knows they are after him. In Khibula there is no sign of loyal troops. The president begins to doubt the loyalty of his PM and guards. The physical journey becomes a spiritual journey towards a goal that is unknown to the men who have vowed to protect him. The role of his protectors becomes unclear: are they chasing him, protecting him from enemy forces or from himself? The president journeys higher into the mountains, chased by both his friends and his foes.

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Release Date:

Nov 15, 2017


Georgia, France, Germany


Georgian, Russian

Production Companies:

Alamdary Films, 42film, Arizona Films

Official Site:

42film (Germany)
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