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The Nonsense in this world has her wondering: How long will she be stuck, stagnant in this wretched Wonderland? All Blacked out, but is she blocked in, or is she blocked out? She has been down the Rabbit Hole; Wondering this and wondering that; this comeback go clickety CLACK. A sultry moon is lit in Washington DC. Tensions are high. Times are tough. Massive death and economic destruction has struck on account of the Covid 19 pandemic. Racial protests, civil unrest, and wildfires burn throughout the fabric of America. The 11th Hour, the time to build community with thy brethren, is now. The Ancestors are looking back, as Kenosis and DJ look into the Blackness of their dichotomous souls. Real gems are mined, but they must have the mind for it, mindfulness.

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Jan 25, 2021


United States



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