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To borrow the slogan of MTV's The Real World, this is the true story--the true story of a pandemic politics; misunderstanding and prejudice; the impact of the media; and most importantly, AIDS activist Pedro Zamora, his life, his joy, and his influence, as told by people who knew and loved him, and by those who witnessed the strength of his commitment and its impact. Pedro refused to give in to the disease he knew would kill him, demanding throughout his decline and hospitalization that MTV "keep the cameras rolling". While he died on November 11th, 1994 at the young age of 22, his insistence on his way with bravery, humanity, and love truly changed the world. This is the true stor--the true story of AIDS activist Pedro Zamora's way.

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Release Date:

Nov 07, 2021


United States


English, Spanish

Production Companies:

Method M Films
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