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A thrilling, psychological documentary, "Jumping Out Of Buildings," acknowledges and addresses the current mental health crisis amongst the Generations of X, Xennials, Y, and Z--groups that have shown, and continue to be, greatly impacted by the severity and rapidity of the ever evolving cultural comparisons and would-be superiorities of social and all other forms of media, the constant barrages of world tragedies and, the far too often, overlooked calls for help when in distress. With an emphasis on discovering new ways to identify debilitating behaviors and learning to become the types of people we may actually want to be, this powerful film is a call to action to stimulate new conversations and methodologies for manifesting healthier minds for all. From the Executive Producers of, "Life Without A Fork," Magnate Queen, Vanessa Williams, actress and television personality, Katya Williams, and one of Hip Hop's founding fathers, DJ Chill Will of, "The Get Fresh Crew."

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Dec 12, 2022


United States



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Film You! Productions

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