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Inspired to study photography by the protest scenes she witnessed in Kyiv during the 2014 revolution, JULIA has now set her sights on a future outside her beloved Ukraine. A year after the revolution began and as she awaits news from a prestigious photography school in Germany, Julia volunteers at the military hospital for injured soldiers coming directly from the front. Julia brings a carefree happiness to their ward, until the day she meets ENGLISH who has arrived with easily mended surface wounds and deeply set emotional scaring. A gentle relationship emerges that draws the two of them closer together, but each has withheld something vital from the other. When Julia decides to bring English home for a family wedding, the cost of their secrets threatens more than their relationship. A beautiful allegory for the freedoms of our modern world that seem all too fleeting, Julia Blue reminds us not just of the costs of love and war, but of the sometimes painful choices freedom demands.

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Release Date:

Apr 06, 2018


United States, Ukraine


Ukrainian, Russian, English

Production Companies:

KinoRox Productions, LaiLou Productions

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