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A father is arrested for murder and a kidnapping attempt in a case three years old. Through the police station's one-way mirror, 16-year-old Claire is sure she recognizes Gustavo as the man who tried to kidnap her and killed her father while fleeing. The officer is relieved to fulfill his promise to Claire to find her father's killer. Now all he needs is a confession, and, being a good cop, he's sure he'll get it. Meanwhile, however, Gustavo's wife provides proof of her husband's innocence, and Gustavo is released. Claire can't accept this, and posts her story on social media, blaming the police for letting a murderer escape justice. Gustavo and his family are caught in a spiral of popular anger. Is there any way out? And if so, in what sort of state?

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Release Date:

Oct 11, 2021




French, English

Production Companies:

Cinétévé, France Télévisions, TV5MONDE
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