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Joy of Fatherhood (also know as Vaterfreuden) full movie is released on Feb 06, 2014. Watch Joy of Fatherhood online - the German Comedy movie from Germany , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $27,088,817. Joy of Fatherhood is directed by Matthias Schweighöfer,Torsten Künstler and created by Sebastian Wehlings with Matthias Schweighöfer and Isabell Polak.

Felix (MATTHIAS SCHWEIGHÖFER) is very much enjoying his bachelor lifestyle and feels perfectly happy without a family and children--until his annoying brother Henne (FRIEDRICH MÜCKE) and his honey-loving ferret Karsten move in with him. At least Henne divulges his high-paying income as a sperm donor; Felix follows Henne's lead and his money problems are momentarily solved. During a wild one-night stand, Karsten makes an appearance and clamps his teeth down below Felix's belt: rendering him sterile. Felix didn't imagine his life without a wife and kids could be this final. Determined, he sets out to find the recipient of his valuable genetic material. After Henne steals his file, Felix is impressed by what he finds: famous sports anchorwoman Maren (ISABELL POLAK) will be the mother of his only child. The problem is that she is about to marry Ralph (TOM BECK). But Felix isn't willing to throw away his only chance at having a family and goes to great lengths to get to know Maren.

As know as:

Vaterfreuden, Отцовство, Vaterfreuden, Frettsack, Ocetovsko veselje





Production Companies:

Pantaleon Films, Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion

Gross worldwide:


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