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JOHN NIETO: An American Spirit Walk, takes the viewer on an inward journey into the life of a cultural icon and one of the world's most celebrated painters. Drawing upon his Apache heritage, John Nieto discovered a unique sense of self which is reflected in his timeless works of art. From simple modes of expressionism to profound layers of vulnerability on canvas, his work took him around the world, where he ultimately made history by being showcased at the Smithsonian Museum and the White House. Although triumphant in the end, Nieto faced great adversity from his own Apache tribe, who rejected him for his love of America. Nieto, however, transformed this darkness into light by going even deeper within himself to a spiritual place, where the spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind collided into a divine expression of pure grace in his colors, lines and images which will remain forever in the hearts and minds of humankind. The story of John's life is a living testament to the beauty and strength of the human soul, whose own spirit walk through life gives proof of magic. The Magic of love found deep within the soul while discovering communion with oneself and the one true natural religion only found in nature. John Nieto: An American Spirit Walk documents a life of discovery, true purpose and inner peace, where light overcomes the darkness.

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Release Date:

Mar 01, 2021


United States



Production Companies:

Warehouse Films, Praetorian Motion Pictures

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