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A handsome kid with musical keys tattooed on his neck and a gaze that keeps toggling between absent and insolent, Jesus is frequently left to his own devices because his widower father, Hector, is often absent for days on end for work. The adolescent seems to have an iffy handle on money but at least seems to enjoy being part of an all-boys group that performs at K-pop-fueled dance-offs. Whether it's the actual dancing or the teenage public's screaming adulation that he craves, however, is never quite clear because he isn't much of a talker and when he does speak, he doesn't tend to actually say all that much. With his buddies, he's also into less innocent forms of entertainment, including watching snuff videos in which Narcos kill people; inhaling forbidden substances or engaging in rough nookie with both male and female friends or acquaintances.

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Release Date:

Sep 01, 2017


Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Colombia



Production Companies:

Burning Blue, Graal Films, JBA Production

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