James Bond 007 Vs. The Joker (also know as James Bond vs. The Joker) full movie is released on Apr 12, 2013. Watch James Bond 007 Vs. The Joker online - the English Animation movie from United States. James Bond 007 Vs. The Joker is directed by Michael Horvath and created by Michael Horvath with Michael Horvath and .

As game play resumes on the second half of Super Bowl XLVII at the New Orleans Superdome on the evening of February 5th, 2013, a mysterious power outage suddenly causes half the stadium to go dark. As the crowd begins falling into a massive panic, a hidden trap door opens on the field, with the Joker emerging from it. He climbs up onto the field, shuts the door and walks over to a microphone in the center of the field, warning the Super Bowl teams and patrons that he will blow up the Superdome with the use of a miniaturized bomb inside his coat pocket within exactly 60 seconds unless the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49'ers fans engage in a bloodbath with each other before then. As the crowd begins reacting in horror to the madman's speech, the Batmobile suddenly crashes through a side wall of the Superdome and drives up to the Joker. The top compartment of the vehicle opens, with James Bond raising himself up into view, telling the Joker that he was brought into to stop him rather then Batman due to "Skyfall" becoming the most popular film of 2012 rather then "The Dark Knight Rises". The Joker immediately expels a strong dose of his 'laugh gas' out at Bond, with it's effects temporarily stunning him. As Bond begins coughing from the effect of the laugh gas, Joker climbs up onto the Batmobile and starts to strangle him before 007 regains consciousness and pushes the Joker off the bat mobile and onto his back on the field, knocking him out for the moment. Bond then lowers himself back into the Batmobile and discharges a control which releases a side compartment of the vehicle, revealing a secret net missile which he launches at the Joker, still stunned, and causes him to be tangled up in netting. A chopper hovering overhead then lowers a hook down through an opening of the Superdomw, latching onto the Joker tangled up in the netting and raising him out of sight, and into incarceration. Bond then raises himself out through the top of the Batmobile once again to tell the crowd watching to return to the game before lowering himself back into the vehicle for the final time and speeding out of the hole from which he came. The lights then come back on in the Superdome, and play is resumed, with Bond saving the day once again.

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James Bond vs. The Joker, James Bond 007 Vs. The Joker, James Bond vs. The Joker


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Last Rat Standing Productions

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