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During road construction work leading up to Petra in Wali Musa (Valley of Moses), a piece of Basanite rock with strange Hebrew lettering is discovered in the rubble of JABER by a young 12-year-old Bedouin boy. This find leads to a journey of discovery and adventure about the biblical story of the exodus of Jews with Moses from Egypt. It implies confirmation of a controversial theory written by Dr. Louise Liggins, that Moses brought his Jews to Petra instead of Mount Sinai where they spent the 40 years before moving on to Palestine. The Rock becomes a valuable artifact pursued by various organizations and governmental agencies, including gangster elements who see in it serious monetary gain. The tenacious boy JABER eludes all pursuers and brings the chase to a surprise ending using his childish instincts to avoid capture.

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Release Date:

Sep 15, 2019





Production Companies:

Sindika Productions